Customer expectations are higher than ever and with so many different ways people can contact you (publicly or privately), they want an answer to their query right now!

There are 2 main reasons why people want to get in touch with you, either they have a pre-sales question or a query about a product or service that you may have already provided. Using Live Chat can assist with both of these, often better than other forms of communication.

Here are 5 reasons why I think you should consider using Live Chat on your website:


1# It will help you increase sales

If somebody is unsure about your product or service it may only take a bit of guidance to help them make their decision. Web users often assume emailing you will take sometime to get a response and don’t always wish to pick the telephone up. Answering a quick query with a personal touch is a great way to influence a potential customer. Use the answers to any questions you receive, to create new product descriptions or add an to an FAQ section to help other potential customers.

2# Answer a query from anywhere

Many live chat software comes with an App for your mobile phone. You don’t have to be sat in front of a computer waiting for an enquiry. This is ideal if you run a small business and want to make yourself available but not tie yourself to a desk waiting.

3# Take customer complaints offline

What do I mean by that?. One alternative to live chat is social media e.g. Twitter of Facebook. Whilst these are great places to promote your business and respond to customer issues, you may not want to have negative comments visible to everybody. Offering live chat as a method of getting in touch quickly and with a personal response is a great way to keep these conversations ‘offline’.

4# Gain competitor advantage

Although it’s simple to set up, many companies have not yet embraced live chat on their websites (in fact studies say as little as 9%). If you install live chat software on your website and your competitors don’t, you are one step ahead. The ability to get intouch with you quickly can help build trust with potential customer. Be proactive.

5# It’s free, yes, FREE Live Chat Software

Depending on your needs, live chat software can be free or very low cost. Of course, if you run a large business and dozens of users and analytics then you do have to spend a bit more. If you are looking at free live chat software, I can recommend both Pure Chat and as easy to use and straight forward to set up options.

If you are intrested in installing live chat on your website and need some help, please feel free to get in touch with me via this website.